Spartan Stores Showcase 2,400 Michigan Products

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Spartan Stores Showcase 2,400 Michigan Products

In a bid to encourage pride in homegrown goods, Spartan Stores, Inc. this weekend will host a Michigan’s Best Sample Fest as part of the kick-off of its “Michigan’s Best” campaign highlighting more than 2,400 products that are grown or produced in the state.

The event, set to take place on Saturday, July 11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., will feature a medley of made-in-Michigan products from farmers, growers and processors.

The Grand Rapids-based retailer/distributor is prominently featuring the campaign on its retail banners’ Web sites, as well as in its stores. “Look for the Michigan’s Best throughout your local store and help your local economy,” proclaims the headline on the homepages of corporate stores. “We support our state’s economy and understand the importance of bringing these Michigan products to you and your families to enjoy in your home.”

Spartan Stores’ locally focused campaign also features store signage that prominently identifies Michigan products throughout its Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, Felpausch, Glen’s, Glen’s Fresh Marketplace and VG’s banners. The products will be identified in all corporately owned stores with the Michigan’s Best logo, along with in-store specials and easy recipes that will further encourage shoppers to consider purchasing Michigan-made products.

“Buying local isn’t something that requires a great deal of effort,” said Alan Hartline, Spartan Stores’ EVP of merchandising and marketing. “We are pleased to be able to offer products from over 40 companies and farms that grow and produce Michigan products,” including Kellogg’s cereals, locally grown fruits, Eggland’s eggs, Bob Evans patties, Old Orchard and Indian Summer juices, Biggby Coffee, Ludwick’s Sour Cream doughnuts, and many Spartan brand products such as milk, eggs and apple juice.

The company’s Web sites also feature educational information for consumers about the importance of buying local, which begins: “Saving Michigan’s economy sounds like a pretty big task, but there are plenty of little things we can all do that will make an impact,” including:

--Making changes in buying habits by purchasing Michigan’s Best products

--Reading labels before making a purchase and asking if there’s a Michigan-made alternative

--Visiting a gallery, museum, park, or zoo each month to promote Michigan tourism

--Mentioning support for Michigan’s Best on Facebook or Twitter

--When invited to a party or gathering, bringing the host or hostess a Michigan thank-you gift

--Suggesting that favorite restaurants carry more Michigan food, wine, and beer

Spartan Stores supplies approximately 350 independent grocery stores in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio; it also owns and operates 100 retail supermarkets in Michigan.