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Solving the Perennial Jar-Opening Struggle

Guglielmo’s Sauce 1st to use new EEASY Lid
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
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The struggle is real for many people who find it difficult to open food jars. One brand of pasta sauces is aiming to make that task easier for consumers by teaming up with a packaging supplier.

Guglielmo’s Sauce, based in Rochester, N.Y., is the first brand to use the EEASY Lid from Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) on its full line of sauces. The lid is already used for private label sauces made for Boyer’s Food Markets.

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CCT’s aluminum lug lid was engineered to reduce the amount of torque needed to open a jar by 50%, as users simply press a button on the lid to vent the vacuum-sealed jar. The lids are made at CCT’s facility in Dayton, Ohio, which can produce about 800 lids per minute. CCT teamed up with co-packer Craft Cannery to produce the jars for Guglielmo’s and Boyer’s.

Guglielmo's Sauce
With a push of a button on top of the EEASY Lid, users can more easily open a jarred food product.

The repackaged Guglielmo’s sauces are available at more than 250 Wegmans Food Markets, Price Shopper, Tops Friendly Markets and Stop & Shop stores across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. “Our focus goes beyond just the quality of our sauce – customer service is a top priority, and that includes accessible packaging for our customers,” said owner Paul Guglielmo, who is also CEO of Craft Cannery. “With the EEASY Lid, our sauce becomes inclusive to all customers. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

The EEASY Lid debuted after eight years of research and development. The innovation was inspired by a friend of the CCT owner who had struggled to open jars during her cancer treatment recovery.

“It is our mission to solve the decades-old problem of opening stubborn jar lids,” explained Brandon Bach, CCT’s president, adding, “The EEASY Lid is providing consumers with a better experience that translates into sales and brand loyalty.”

In addition to lessening all of the grappling that can come with opening jarred foods, the lid offers other benefits. According to CCT, the aluminum lug jar lid is more durable and sustainable than traditional steel lids.

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