Sobeys, Safeway Feted as Certified Humane Winners

Taking a cue from the upcoming 88th annual Academy Awards, Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is shining a spotlight on what it deems "retail super stars."

"Because we believe the best way to help farm animals is through the marketplace," Adele Douglass, executive director of  Herndon, Va.-based HFAC, said the organization will once again bestow "our own 'Oscar' nods to those retailers that show their commitment to animal welfare by selling Certified Humane products in their stores," including:

Most Committed Retailer

Sobeys: "This superstar grocery store takes home the title for the third year in a row!" noted Douglass. "Sobeys is the only major retailer in North and South America to sell beef, pork and poultry in their stores that are required to be Certified Humane. We can’t say enough about this grocery store chain and their commitment to providing Certified Humane products for their customers. Two thumbs up for its compassionate leadership.".

Best Performance in a Supporting Role

Safeway: "Another three-time winner in this category continues to show their support for cage-free eggs," said Douglass. "As the only major grocery retailer in the U.S. to require all of its eggs not just be cage-free, but Certified Humane cage-free in all of [its] stores, Safeway sets the bar high here for other grocery retailers."

Most Certified Humane Products Retailer

Whole Foods Market: "Listens to customer requests by providing the largest selection of Certified Humane products in their stores, including eggs, dairy, and meat products," explained Douglass. "HFAC would like to thank their moms for raising such conscientious leaders."

Honorable Mentions  

Regional stores each carrying four or more categories of Certified Humane products in all of its stores:

  • Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative - California
  • New Leaf Community Markets - Northern California
  • Kings Food Markets - New Jersey and New York
  • Mom’s Organic Market - Metro Washington, D.C.
  • Roots Market - Maryland
  • Co-op Food Stores - New Hampshire and Vermont
  • Hunger Mountain Co-op - Vermont
  • Ashland Food Co-op - Oregon
  • Community Food Co-op – Washington State

HFAC is an international nonprofit certification organization that works to improve the lives of millions of farm animals in food production.

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