Snack on Antioxidants

One of America’s favorite snacks -- even outside the movie theater -- has just received a healthy new twist. Nestlé Cranberry Raisinets, the latest addition to the classic line of 100 percent chocolate-covered whole dried fruit, feature the antioxidant-rich superfruit encased in smooth Nestlé milk chocolate. The fruit used in the product is sourced exclusively from the United States through top cranberry supplier Ocean Spray, according to Glendale, Calif.-based Nestlé USA, which added that Cranberry Raisinets contain 30 percent less fat than the leading chocolate brands and provide a half-serving of real fruit in every quarter cup. A resealable 5.5-ounce stand-up bag retails for a suggested $3.29, while a single-serve 100-calorie pack goes for a suggested 89 cents. Visit for additional information.
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