SmartFresh Tomatoes Accepted for Registration in Canada

SPRING HOUSE, Pa. - AgroFresh Inc.'s SmartFresh Quality System has been accepted for registration in Canada, allowing Canadian tomato producers to soon access the same fruit quality protection tools as their United States and Mexican counterparts.

"Now tomato producers throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada can maintain the quality of their fruit through to the consumer by protecting their tomatoes against the negative effects of ethylene," said AgroFresh president John Buckley. "Shippers will have more marketing flexibility, retailers will enjoy less shrink with 1-2 weeks longer shelf life, and consumers will get the quality tomatoes that growers intended."

The SmartFresh Quality System for tomatoes is the same technology that is currently widely used by the apple industry to deliver just-picked apple flavor and firmness to consumers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and around the world. SmartFresh Quality System has also been proven effective in maintaining high quality bananas, melons and other fruits and vegetables for consumers, the company said.

The SmartFresh Quality System for tomatoes is expected to be commercially available in Canada in early May.
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