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Smart Ones Fruit Inspiration Orange Sesame chicken

It never ceases to amaze us how much those products that are designed as healthy alternatives miss the mark over and over again. This new offering from Weight Watchers, called "Fruit Inspirations," is definitely not smart at all, and couldn't be less inspiring. The overall flavor is as bland as the breaded chicken itself, and we have to wonder whether "breading" the chicken is really the best use of calories in a diet meal. There's a category this product might win though: It would be a contender in the "longest list of ingredients" category, without a doubt. Other flavors are available. Retails for $3.99/nine ounces.

Taste 10
Value 17
Health 11
Ingredients 7
Preparation 10
Appearance 4
Packaging 5
Total 60

Heinz North America, Pittsburgh
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