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Sifter Earns FoodMed Certification From Validation Institute

Food-as-medicine tech solution aims to simplify healthy eating
FoodMed Certification Logo Main Image
FoodMed Certified scrutinizes and confirms the effectiveness of nutrition-oriented tools and solutions created to improve health outcomes.

Food-as-medicine technology company Sifter Solutions Inc. has received FoodMed certification from Validation Institute. According to Chicago-based Sifter, it’s the first and only grocery product data provider to meet the institute’s standards, earning certification for its programs using health-attributed grocery product data, algorithms and technology.

Sifter’s goal is to make healthy eating simple for all Americans, resulting in improved dietary intake and lower use of health care. Grocery, health care, health insurance and food benefit clients can use the Sifter platform to build tools that help members and patients easily find grocery foods that match various complex health needs, ranging from diabetes to heart disease to food allergies. With Sifter data and technology, clients can create medically tailored grocery lists, custom-approved product lists (APLs) for food benefit cards, mobile scanning tools for in-store grocery shopping, and diet-tailored recipes.

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To secure FoodMed certification, Sifter underwent an in-depth, evidence-based review to demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of its entire platform and methodology, from end to end:

  • Health-attributed grocery product data: Sifter’s library of 250,000-plus food products generates accurate search results, product recommendations and recipe ingredient swaps. Proprietary quality assurance methodology ensures the most complete and accurate grocery food and nutrition database, enabling those adhering to a medically tailored diet to scan the UPC of any grocery product for information.
  • Technology: Sifter’s proprietary technology systematically matches a product to a particular diet across more than 200 dietary filters encompassing food allergens, medical and lifestyle diets, medication classifications, nutrient attributes, sustainable practices, and certifications, in addition to “excludable” ingredients.

“I am proud of the Sifter team and the work they do each day to achieve our mission of making healthy eating easy,” noted Judy Seybold, Sifter’s chief nutrition officer. “Our innovative solutions are further strengthened by the prestigious FoodMed certification, demonstrating that we’re a valuable and trusted partner within the food-as-medicine movement.” 

The latest initiative from Needham, Mass.-based Validation Institute, FoodMed Certified scrutinizes and confirms the effectiveness of nutrition-oriented tools and solutions created to improve health outcomes. With founding members that include Albertsons Cos. and Uber Health, as well as Sifter itself, the program helps organizations better understand how food-as-medicine programs can shape patient and client outcomes. 

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