ShopRite Supermarkets Establishes Fund for World Trade Center Victims

ShopRite supermarkets announced today that they have established a fund to benefit families and individuals who have been impacted by the World Trade Center disaster. ShopRite will establish the fund with a contribution of $100,000. All 200 ShopRite stores located throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania will participate in the effort.

Customers who are interested in contributing to the fund can do so at their local ShopRite store. Customers can contribute in $2 and $5 denominations. The contribution
will be added to a customer's total order and can be made through October 27th.

The money will be distributed through The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross and will be designated to aid the families who need assistance as a result of Tuesday's tragic occurrence.

"We recognize that hundreds of families will experience a loss of income as they are displaced from their jobs or have lost a loved one because of this disaster," stated
Thomas P. Infusino, chairman of the board for Wakefern Food Corporation, the wholesale, merchandising and distribution arm for ShopRite supermarkets. "It is our hope that this fund will begin to address the needs of those who have been affected by this devastating event."
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