Shoppers Buy Less Than 1% of Available Products

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Shoppers Buy Less Than 1% of Available Products


Consumers are highly selective regarding CPG purchases, buying on average less than one percent of products available on grocery shelves during a one-year period, according to “Engaging the Selective Shopper,” a new study conducted by digital media company Catalina.

Todd Morris, Catalina’s EVP of corporate development and marketing, finds that the “unparalleled choice” in-store has led consumers to “ignore all but a tiny fraction of available products."

“To reach today’s selective shoppers, CPG marketers need to adopt a more personalized approach to the way they market and promote their products and reward their buyers,” Morris continues. “Since no two shoppers are the same, retailers and brands should tailor their communications to the specific needs and preferences of individual shoppers and households.”

Over the course of a year, shoppers buy just 0.7 percent of all available products in-store, and even “top shoppers” -- those who account for 80 percent of all store purchases -- buy just 1 percent of available products. From a department perspective, for example, the average shopper is buying just 1.7 percent of available dairy products and 0.2 percent of available health and beauty products.