Shaw's Supermarkets Chooses Ateb's Pharmacy Solutions

Raleigh, N.C. -- Ateb, Inc., a market leader in pharmacy solutions, announced today that Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. has chosen to implement both its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution and its Electronic Signature Capture solution in 64 pharmacies. Using both of these solutions, Shaw's pharmacies are able to significantly reduce the amount of time the pharmacy staff spends on manual tasks such as taking refill requests and filing signature logs and HIPAA acknowledgement forms.

"The results we have experienced from the Ateb solutions have been outstanding," said Joe Prigaro, director of pharmacy at Shaw's. "With the IVR, our pharmacy is now available 24/7, which allows us to manage our increasing number of refills with ease."

Prigaro added, "The electronic signature capture solution allows us to track our signatures more effectively without having to worry about lost paper signature logs."

"It's always exciting to hear that Ateb helps ease the pains of the pharmacy staff," said Dennis DiVenuta, president and c.e.o. at Ateb. "With the increasing number of prescriptions coming into pharmacies today, Ateb is
committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality solutions to create a more efficient work environment."

Pharmacy Line is an IVR solution that automates telephone call handling into the pharmacy, providing customers and doctors with 24-hour access to pharmacy services. The Pharmacy Line system handles the most common calls into the pharmacy, which frees the pharmacist and associates to spend more time with their customers. Pharmacy Line enables the pharmacy staff to be more efficient and productive while greatly reducing interruptions in the pharmacy.
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