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Shaw's Selects Elogex for Collaborative Transportation Management

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Elogex, a provider of collaborative logistics solutions, today announced that Shaw's Supermarkets Inc. has selected the Elogex solution to optimize and execute Shaw's transportation operations.

The first phase of the project will be to execute Shaw's inbound produce logistics operations.

With the Elogex solution, Shaw's will automate the entire process of managing logistics across their extensive supplier base. Shaw's expects significant efficiencies by vendor compliance to Shaw's inbound routing guide and streamlining the appointment scheduling process. Once the inbound loads are tendered, Shaw's dispatchers will have full visibility of logistics events via proactive alerts to a browser, PDA or mobile phone. Finally, Shaw's will eliminate empty miles by dynamically creating continuous move routes that share transportation assets with other enterprises.

"Elogex was a perfect match due to their extensive experience with leading grocers and large consumer goods suppliers. We needed a complete platform for collaborative logistics that included inbound, outbound, monitoring and multi-enterprise asset sharing. Elogex was the only vendor that fit the bill," said Mike Powell, senior VP of supply chain at Shaw's Supermarkets.

"By bringing increased efficiencies to our carriers and food suppliers, Shaw's continues to improve strategic partnerships while increasing visibility to our entire network," said Michael Griswold, strategic process leader supply chain for Shaw's Supermarkets. "Since Elogex offers a hosted solution, our suppliers don't have to invest in a costly implementation and they will always be on the latest version."
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