Seal of Approval

Two Spic and Span® multi-surface cleaning products, Spic and Span® Sun Fresh and Spic and Span® Citrus Fresh dilutable cleaners, now sport the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Design for the Environment” (DFE) seal. The DFE logo informs consumers that the ingredients and the final item are both on the green end of the health and environmental spectrum while still maintaining or improving product performance. It additionally means that the DFE scientific review team has screened the product for potential human health and environmental effects. Noted Sherry Polevoy, senior brand manager at the Spic and Span Co., a subsidiary of Irvington, N.J.-based Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc., “Consumers now have yet another reason to use our product.” The average selling price for either item in a 40-ounce bottle is $2.99. To learn more, visit
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