Scoop Up More Love

Gourmet light ice cream Lovin’ Scoopful has added to its lineup three new low-calorie flavors, which, like the rest of the brand’s all-natural offerings, feature half the fat and one-third fewer calories than other premium ice creams. Now fans of the indulgent but still better-for-you frozen treat can also enjoy Baba’s Butter Pecan Brittle; Mad About Mud Pie, featuring coffee, cookies and cream, almonds, and fudge; and Rockin’ Raspberry Cheesecake. The new flavors, along with an expansion to grocery stores in select East Coast and Southern states, and the introduction of a Facebook application called What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?, mean that Lovin’ Scoopful is set for exposure to a whole lot more consumers. And, as if that weren’t sweet enough, the Los Angeles-based company donates 25 percent (an annual minimum of $50,000) of its post-tax profits to Special Olympics. A 1.75-quart container of ice cream retails for a suggested $3.99. For additional information, visit
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