SCIS Food Services Inc. Signs Agreement with SureBeam to Test Ready-to-Eat Foods

SAN DIEGO - SureBeam Corp. today announced that SCIS Food Services Inc., one of the leading providers of convenient meal solutions and ready-to-eat foods, has signed a product testing and collaboration agreement to evaluate the ability of SureBeam's electron beam technology to enhance quality and shelf life of its ready-to-eat foods.

"We are committed to ensuring that our consumers continue to receive the highest quality and best tasting products on the market," said Bill Hood, SCIS Food Services' senior vice president - supply chain. "By using SureBeam technology, we hope to enhance our existing products with enhanced freshness, safety, and top quality characteristics."

SCIS operates numerous facilities for salad, bakery, side dish and entree production throughout the U.S. and Mexico, including the Orval Kent Food Company, Pennant Foods, LaFrancaise Bakery, Ozark Salad Company, Landau Foods and I&K Distributors. SCIS joins a lengthening list of major ready-to-eat food companies who have previously signed agreements with SureBeam in anticipation of the FDA and USDA's approval of the use of SureBeam's technology on precooked, ready-to-eat processed foods.

"SureBeam technology provides the highest quality of refrigerated foods without having to resort to freezing or the using of preservatives," said Larry Oberkfell, SureBeam's president and CEO. "It's great for commercial catering and food service, because this allows foods, such as coleslaws and salads, to maintain their freshness along side cooked entrees using just ordinary refrigeration."
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