Sara Lee Launches 'Bread Nutrition Transparency' Campaign

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Sara Lee Launches 'Bread Nutrition Transparency' Campaign

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. -- Sara Lee Food & Beverage here is launching a consumer education campaign this summer that it said will set a new standard in nutrition transparency, and mark an industry first.

Sara Lee said it will reveal the whole-grain content of its enriched white and enriched wheat breads to consumers and will further help answer the question: “Is it 100 percent whole wheat?” for the top-selling wheat breads in the U.S., including those made by other bread manufacturers based on their label information.

The information will be available through the brand’s Web site,, a toll-free hotline during back-to-school season (1-877-IS-IT –WHEAT), and an interactive traveling exhibit visiting major markets this summer.

“Sara Lee is taking the lead in providing straight-forward information about whole grains across our product portfolio – our enriched white and wheat products as well as our 100 percent whole wheat products – a first in our industry,” said Bill Nictakis, president, Sara Lee Food & Beverage’s U.S. Fresh Bakery unit.