Santoni's Supermarket to Install bCheck Application from BioPay

HERNDON, Va. - Biometric payment transaction provider BioPay, LLC on Tuesday announced that Baltimore-based Santoni's Supermarket will conduct one of the first implementations of its new bCheck biometric payment service.

BioPay's bCheck service gives consumers the convenience of paying for purchases by the touch of a finger; cash, checks, credit and debit cards, and ID are not required. The solution is designed to substantially reduce processing costs, payment handling, and losses due to fraudulent transactions.

Santoni's Supermarket, a family-owned business in Baltimore, Md., with a customer count of more than 1.2 million in 2002, will offer bCheck to its grocery customers in the first part of 2003.

"Paper checks are less expensive to process than credit and debit card transactions, yet they are not as secure and take longer to process," said Rob Santoni, CFO, Santoni's Supermarket. "With bCheck, payment and processing is electronic so the transaction is done quickly but securely. As a result, we get our money quicker and at a lower processing cost."

bCheck is based on biometric technology used in Paycheck Secure, BioPay's payroll check cashing system.
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