Safeway, Vons and State Health Department Launch Breast Cancer Campaign

PLEASANTON, Calif. - In recognition of October as "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month," more than 500 Safeway and Vons stores throughout California will conduct a month-long, comprehensive educational and public awareness campaign about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Safeway and Vons have teamed up with the California Department of Health Services' "Every Woman Counts" program to produce in-store radio public service announcements, Internet and print educational materials. In addition, CDHS will work with local breast cancer partners to provide customers with on-site information about breast cancer detection services offered in local communities. This joint effort will promote the accessibility of vital programs for low-income women and those in minority and underserved communities.

"This is the second year that we have joined forces with CDHS to fight breast cancer," said Larree Renda, Safeway executive VP. "Information is one of the best weapons in the war on breast cancer. When the disease is caught early, the survival rate is dramatically improved." She added that Safeway and Vons are continuing their support of breast cancer research because of the significant number of customers and employees that are touched in one way or another by this disease.

State Health Director Diana M. Bonta, R.N., Dr.P.H., added, "Partnering with Safeway enables the California Department of Health Services to spread the message about the importance of early detection in saving lives and the availability of free breast cancer screening and treatment services to women who qualify."

In addition to this educational and outreach program, all Safeway stores in the U.S. and Canada will conduct a major fundraising campaign during October to raise funds for research, education, screening and treatment of breast cancer. The money raised will remain in local communities and be used to support such prominent research and treatment organizations as the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other local programs providing breast cancer treatment, education and detection services.
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