Safeway Opens $175 Million Dollar DC in Auburn, Wash.

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The Seattle division of Safeway Inc. opened a new $175 million distribution center yesterday in Auburn, Wash., that will serve 300 Safeway stores in five states.

The regional DC is composed of two warehouses: A one-story, 524,636-square-foot dry grocery warehouse; and a 2-story, 562,368-square-foot refrigerated warehouse building that includes separate warehouses for produce, meat, and frozen foods, as well as a room for storing floral products.

In addition to the two main facilities, the Auburn DC also includes several smaller buildings: a 31,000-square-foot recycling center; 8,900-square-foot administrative office building; three parking lots with spaces for 800 cars, 448 trailers, and 125 tractors.

The facility was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday morning, which preceeded a tour of the DC.
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