Sabra Acquires Carousel Foods

NEW YORK -- Sabra Go Mediterranean, based here, has acquired Farmingdale, N.Y.-based Carousel Foods of America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of dips, spreads, and desserts.

Sabra, owned by Blue & White Foods, LLC, is among the fastest-growing brands in its category. The company is preparing for expanded leadership in the Mediterranean food market segment with the addition of a new manufacturing facility and large investments in research and development.

"We are thrilled by Sabra's success in the marketplace as a provider of premium Mediterranean dips and spreads," said Gadi Lesin, Sabra's c.e.o. "But that is just the beginning. We plan to parlay our success into new areas."

Lesin said in the same way Sabra has orchestrated "an extreme category makeover, leading the growth of the existing Mediterranean dips and spreads, we expect to further our success by accelerating our successful process of innovation and product development through this acquisition. The expanded capabilities will allow us to introduce an even broader range of fresh Mediterranean products to the American market."

The value of the transaction totals approximately $9 million.
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