RTE Cereal Tops Mobile Coupon Category

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RTE Cereal Tops Mobile Coupon Category


Ready to Eat Cereal was the top mobile coupon category for 2012, according to Coupons.com, Inc., which releases coupon statistics every September in honor of national coupon month.

“National Coupon Month is a great opportunity to celebrate how much Americans like to stretch their hard earned dollars,” said Steven Boal, CEO Coupons.com. “Consumers are clamoring for savings more than ever, with 2011 representing the highest number of coupons ever redeemed. And, while our lists show that consumers are using coupons the most for saving on traditional grocery items, they are increasingly looking to save money for other items like automotive, apparel, toys, and home entertainment.”

Consumers continue to increase use of mobile devices to access, browse, print and save coupons. As measured by consumer interaction with Coupons.com’s Grocery iQ and Coupons.com mobile apps, mobile users did gravitate towards the most popular paper coupon categories, but more mobile couponers were seeking out hand and body Lotion, which ranks sixth on the Mobile list and ninth on the overall list. Mobile users also liked saving on Fruit Juice, which ranked eighth on the Mobile list but didn’t crack the Top Ten on the overall list.

Mobile Top Categories – January 1 through August 31, 2012

  1. Ready to Eat Cereal
  2. Household Cleaning Supplies
  3. Yogurt
  4. Baby Diapers
  5. Butter & Margarine
  6. Hand & Body Lotion
  7. Adult Vitamins
  8. Fruit Juice
  9. Cheese
  10. Sweet Snacks

While coupon usage remains highest for grocery items, popularity is increasing among many non-grocery categories, according to Coupons, Inc. Those categories that showed the biggest increase in coupon usage for 2012 include automotive, apparel, toys & games, and home entertainment. 2012 has also seen a rise in coupon usage for flowers and gifts and personal care items, and those categories are expected to continue to increase through the remainder of the year.

Fastest Rising Categories – January 1-August 31, 2012
1. Automotive
2. Baby & Toddler
3. Apparel
4. Toys & Games
5. Home Entertainment

Coupons.com is a provider of digital coupons, including online printable, save to loyalty card and mobile promotions. For consumers, the company’s products include Coupons.com, the 43rd largest website in the U.S., as well as Grocery iQ and Coupons.com mobile applications. For brand marketers, the company distributes digital coupons to millions of consumers through Coupons.com and tens of thousands of websites comprising the Coupons.com digital coupon network. The company also powers digital coupon initiatives in 1-to-1 online marketing campaigns—including display advertising, email and social media programs.