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Rosie, Dumac Partner for E-Commerce Solution

Dumac Business Systems and Rosie partnered to provide independent retailers with a seamless, efficient solution for e-commerce. Rosie’s e-commerce platform is now directly integrated into Dumac’s RORCv6 POS system, which reduces implementation time of an e-commerce solution by 50 percent.

Retailers using Dumac’s software will have access to Rosie’s e-commerce suite, which includes web and mobile shopping, apps for consumers, order fulfillment tools, digital marketing services and data analytics. The combined solution enables retailers to seamlessly implement online shopping and benefit from operational efficiencies, as the two systems communicate with other, so as the retailer makes a change in one system it is automatically made in the other. Retailers also can digitally engage new customers and leverage all store discounts and loyalty programs with no new software installation.

The combined systems also offer retailers a 30 percent reduction in labor costs, which is the largest expense associated with e-commerce. The Completed Transaction Feed allows information to flow from the pickers’ interface and the RORCv6, eliminating the need for the pickers to scan the products at registers. This enables real time sales reporting and eliminates the need for retailers to enter price, product and related information for each store location. It also ensures the accuracy of the data between the POS and the e-commerce systems.

“For retailers to be successful they need three things,” says Jon Ambrose, co-founder and COO of Rosie. “Accuracy, speed and efficiency.” The partnership allows retailers to accomplish all three.

“For independent grocers, it’s not a question of should they offer e-commerce, it’s a question of how and when,” said Phil McCarthy, VP of Dumac. “At the same time, launching an e-commerce program can be incredibly daunting. By integrating Rosie with RORCv6, we’re taking out the guesswork and obstacles that grocers typically experience when starting an e-commerce program.”

The partnership develops a proprietary new approach to solve e-commerce challenges and enables retailers to rapidly implement low-cost, high-growth e-commerce programs by allowing retailers to benefit from Rosie’s digital marketing and data analytics while leveraging Dumac’s expertise in retail solutions.

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