ROP Beats FSI?

Newspaper run-of-press coupons are more effective at getting consumers to try new products, switch brands or trade up to a more expensive product, according to a new study released this week.

“The Seekers – Coupon’s Impact on Shopping Behavior 2010” – conducted by M/A/R/C Research and released by the Newspaper National Network – analyzed how different coupon distribution methods impact shopping behavior, and covers newspaper ROP coupons and other types.

“If your marketing goal to find new users for your product, or convert users to your brand, then newspaper ROP coupons work best,” said Jason E. Klein, NNN president and CEO. “Newspaper ROP coupon users are ‘seekers’ – they use a lot of coupons, they are more likely to use them to try new products or brands, and they are more prone to make lists of specific brand purchases before heading to the store.”

Other key findings:

- Newspaper ROP coupon users are very heavy coupon users, redeeming almost twice the number of coupons as other types of coupon users.
- Newspaper ROP coupons are very brand specific, and are more likely to make shopping lists with specific brand names.
- Younger adults, age 25-34, are more prone than other age groups to use coupons to try new products or switch brands.
- Compared with other sources, ROP coupons are most likely to generate trial by new users.
- Newspaper ROP coupons are redeemed more frequently than the average coupon and significantly more so than FSIs.

The study also explores shopping behavior including frequency and patterns, attitudes towards coupon use, the value of coupons to become the tipping point for consumers to switch from store brands to brand name products and usage by product category.

More detailed results are available at and to NNN clients.

The study was conducted in September 2010 via a web-based interview of 520 adults age 25 and older who read a daily or Sunday newspaper, redeemed at least one coupon in the last six months and was a decision maker or influencer for CPG products.

Newspaper National Network is private partnership representing virtually all of the newspapers in the United States and the Newspaper Association of America.

M/A/R/C Research is a custom marketing research firm dedicated to helping clients create, evaluate, and strengthen their brands, with locations in Dallas; Greensboro, N.C.; Nashville, Tenn.; New York; and St. Louis.

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