Robust Digital Platform Key to Multichannel Engagement

Consistent messaging across multiple channels and illustrates the utility of a single remote content management solution to coordinate and convey those messages is key to maximizing customer engagement through omnichannel retailing methods that develop synergy across communication channels, including in-store, according to a new whitepaper from Minneapolis-based Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.

According to the research, the rapid growth of information readily available online has empowered the consumer, challenging businesses to keep storefronts relevant and engaging. The white paper argues that the in-store experience remains integral to the buying process and outlines two key strategies for ensuring effective customer engagement in all channels:

  • Having in-store staff and technology reinforce and enhance other information channels, including mobile devices now used by customers before, during and after in-store visits, and
  • Using a content management solution that facilitates managing, scheduling and delivering digital content and communications to all channels from a single platform.

Customers interact with digital media solutions at all touch points throughout the decision making process. The white paper provides examples of retail businesses that define and support their brands and messages though in-store associates, websites, social media, digital displays, interactive kiosks and smartphone and tablet applications. Ensuring businesses maintain consistent messaging across multiple channels using a single remote content management solution is imperative to those businesses that want to entertain, inform and engage their customers.

Click here to download the full whitepaper.




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