Retailers Get Online Tool to Help Boost Strawberry Sales

WATSONVILLE, Calif. -- A new 10-minute retail training video, "Make the Most of Your California Strawberry Sales," is available for viewing on the California Strawberry Commission's (CSC) Web site. CSC says it is providing more tools retailers can use to train their employees using proven ways to maximize customer satisfaction and sales of "America's favorite fruit."

The short tutorial explains the steps in the strawberry cold chain, and how retailers can maintain quality, reduce shrink and increase sales through proper merchandising and promotion of the strawberry category. Temperature management, including storing these perishable berries at 32 degrees from farm to retail display, is critical in providing consumers with high quality California strawberries year-round.

The video begins at the farm, where freshly picked strawberries are loaded into forced-air pre-coolers that quickly bring the berries down to the desired temperatures. The story ends at the retail display where special handling tips are explained by a produce manager.

Retailers are encouraged to order a free DVD of the video and point of purchase materials featuring the American Heart Association "Heart-Check" mark to help drive consumer awareness and increase sales. Materials may be ordered from the Commission's Web site at
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