Retail Feedback Group Releases New Book: Feedback Rules!

Retail Feedback Group (RFG) principals Doug Madenberg and Brian Numainville can now add "book author" to their titles with the debut of their new book, "Feedback Rules!" The insightful, easy-to-read book covers 52 of the most important strategies to use when designing and carrying out a feedback program.

"In this book we draw upon our extensive experience in research to help the reader quickly grasp how to plan a survey or feedback program (ground rules), execute it (rules of engagement) and make sense and respond to the findings (golden rules)," says Numainville. "Anyone who listens (or needs to listen) to their customers or employees will find this book an invaluable resource." 

Poised to debut at the upcoming 2016 National Grocers Association (NGA) Show in Las Vegas (Feb. 28 - March 2, 2016), "Feedback Rules!" joins other popular titles in publisher "Brigantine Media's Rules!" book series, which focuses directly on the standards that foster business success in a variety of fields. Written by experts, the "Rules!" books offer key business insights in an entertaining, easy-to-read format.

According to Madenberg, "Our business exists to help retailers listen to their customers, employees and trading partners. In Feedback Rules! we unpack some of the most important considerations and turn them into succinct and understandable rules for organizations to incorporate as they engage in collecting and acting on feedback from their stakeholders."

Several of those who have read the book agree. Bill Bishop, chief architect of Brick Meets Click stated, "Brian and Doug distill their wealth of knowledge on research and feedback down to highly usable nuggets of wisdom in this book." Peter Larkin, NGA's president/CEO, notes: "Feedback Rules! offers great tips and helpful ideas for retailers that want to listen more attentively to their customers and employees." Progressive Grocer's Chief Content Editor Meg Major considers the book "an invaluable resource for business owners," and also applauds the book's "practical wisdom and guidance."

Madenberg and Numainville are the leadership team of the Lake Success, N.Y.-based Retail Feedback Group. Both accomplished and experienced consultants, they have designed and implemented a wide range of consumer surveys, feedback programs and employee assessments for retailers, wholesalers, nonprofits and other organizations.

"Feedback Rules!" is available now at or in Kindle format on Amazon. Quantity discounts are available.


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