Research Project to Take Place at D.C. Bloom Stores

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Research Project to Take Place at D.C. Bloom Stores


Automated Media Services Inc. (AMS), the company behind the development of 3GTv Networks, which the company describes as the first out-of-home form of television, has commissioned Peoria, Ill.-based Bradley University in a media and marketing research program to coincide with 3GTv’s pilot fourth-quarter program launch. The research will take place at nine Bloom supermarkets in the D.C. metro area.

A team headed by Bradley University marketing professor Jennifer Burton, who is also a member of the AMS advisory board, will gather and analyze primary data to determine the best practices for employing video and other digital media to connect with shoppers and improve the shopping experience. The study will also examine optimal strategies for the wider introduction of 3GTv next year.

Specifically, the research will look at how shoppers interact with and feel about media in the store, the appropriate use of in-store video and the role that audio plays in the in-store experience, the effects of different types of creative on purchasing behavior, and the impact of 3GTv’s measurement technology on the adoption and use of retail media.

Companies taking part in the 3GTv Bloom pilot have the option of joining a research committee led by Burton. As committee members, pilot participants can help formulate the research agenda and customize studies to particular areas of focus. Intelligence gathered from the research may also help influence product placement and store layout, thereby enabling retailers to make the most of merchandising opportunities.

“Research has played a vital role in 3GTv’s development, and as we move from the lab into the store, this research program will allow us to apply new insights to the improvement of our media technologies,” explained Bob Wolinsky, CEO of Allendale, N.J.-based AMS. “The goal is to take the known science and art of media and television and discover the important qualities that can make marketers’ efforts more predictable and efficient, while providing shoppers with the best possible experience.”

Bloom is a chain owned by Belgian retail conglomerate the Delhaize Group, whose U.S. operations are based in Salisbury, N.C.