Research Links Mobile Coupon Use to Brand Switching

Food shoppers who use mobile coupons are much more likely to change brands often, according to a national consumer survey by GfK, a consultancy. As part of the research, respondents recorded their consumption of some 6,500 products in nearly 600 categories and provided details about their attitudes on a variety of topics.

The research shows that one in three (33%) of U.S. adults agree completely or somewhat with the statement, “I rely on mobile coupons while food shopping.” More than four of 10 (44%) of these mobile coupon users say they like to “change brands often for the sake of variety and novelty,” compared to just 30 percent of the general population.

In addition, six in ten (60%) of these mobile coupon users say they will “gladly switch brands to use a coupon,” compared to 49 percent of all consumers. And 48 percent say they like to receive mobile coupons based on their current location – significantly higher than the general population (36%). 

The new data also shows that a quarter of adults (26%) living in high-income households (earning $200,000 a year or more) report using mobile coupons when they shop for food. These consumers also have higher-than-average willingness to switch brands for the sake of using a coupon (53%) and receive location-based coupons (51%).

Mobile coupon use when food shopping is reported by 42 percent of 18 to 34 year olds – the highest level among key age groups – and by one-third (31%) of those ages 35 to 54.

GfK’s consumer database is derived from continuous interviews with approximately 25,000 U.S. adults each year. 

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