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Redefining the Physical Store in an Omni-Channel World

Shoppers today are provided with multiple options of both where and how to shop. The accelerating speed of change means that retailers must address new sources of information, increased channel blurring, various purchase and delivery options, as well as shifting and varied preferences, attitudes and behaviors of shoppers. This challenging scenario deeply affects the role of brick-and-mortar grocery retail, and inspired breakthrough research that will be shared in the March issue of Progressive Grocer, titled “Redefining the Physical Store in an Omni-channel World.”

Under the banner of Envision, “Redefining the Physical Store in an Omni-channel World” is co-sponsored by Stagnito Business Information’s Progressive Grocer and Carbonview Research, and Meridian-NorthStar Partners, a Wilton, Conn.-based management consulting firm. The study combines the views of shoppers, retailers and suppliers through both quantitative and qualitative research, along with the expertise of the sponsoring partners. “This powerful article delivers a total store perspective and recognizes how the shopper engages with both the physical and digital world – now and in the future,” says Jeffrey Friedman, VP and group publisher, Stagnito Business Information.

“The study supporting Redefining the Physical Store will be ongoing, to most accurately examine the impact that changes are having on go-to-market requirements of retailers and suppliers,” says Ted Taft, managing director of Meridian-NorthStar.

Redefining the Physical Store examines retailer and supplier definitions of categories and departments, and contrasts these with shopper perspectives and needs. The study also explores current tactics and potential opportunities for greater shopper engagement, interaction pre-shop and in-store. 

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