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Raley's Rolls Out an Integrated Logistics Solutions

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Raley's Family of Fine Foods, a privately held, family owned supermarket chain with stores across Northern California, Nevada, and New Mexico, installed a warehouse management, labor management, and performance management solution to improve the efficiency of its supply chain operations and to more accurately monitor inventory levels.

Raley's will integrate Manhattan Associates' warehouse management system (WMS) with Vocollect's voice-directed picking system, making it possible for Raley's warehouse employees to communicate by voice with the WMS, increasing productivity, order fulfillment accuracy, and safety.

This implementation marked the completion of the first phase of Raley's initiative to deploy capabilities of Manhattan Associates' Integrated Logistics Solutions across its supply chain operations.

With these best practices in place, Raley's can synchronize its supply chain processes, speed up inventory cycle times and bring the freshest products to store shelves.

"Manhattan Associates has proven to be a great partner in helping us achieve efficiencies in our supply chain that will, in turn, help us more effectively serve our customers," said said Eric Wilson, c.i.o. of Raley's. "We are happy with the implementation and results so far and look forward to rolling out the remaining components."

These additional components include Manhattan Associates' Distributed Order Management, Trading Partner Management, and Transportation Management (specifically its Transportation Planning and Execution) solutions.
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