Raley's Pharmacist Strike May Be Back On

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A pharmacists' walkout that looked to be averted last month by Raley's Supermarkets could still happen as the pharmacists' union has failed to ratify a new contract, according to a report in today's Sacramento Bee.

Raley's yesterday filed a federal lawsuit aimed at getting the pharmacists' union to approve its contract proposal. But the chain is prepared with a backup strategy to serve customers if the strike happens.

"We do have a plan in place and we're ready to go," Raley's spokeswoman Carolyn Konrad told the newspaper. "We will do everything we can … to help our customers fill their prescriptions, including sending them to the competition if necessary."

Raley's complaint charges that the Independent Pharmacists Association -- the union representing 184 pharmacists who work in 60 Raley's stores -- failed to strongly recommend that its pharmacists ratify the proposed contract and called it a violation of a settlement agreement reached on Sept. 7.

The Bee was unable to reach union officials for comment.
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