Raley's Pharmacies Offering Flu Vaccinations

Raley's yesterday began holding flu shot clinics at its pharmacy locations where shoppers can stop by with out an appointment and receive a flu vaccination through November 22.
"The health of our customers and colleagues is very important to us, so to help everyone prepare for flu season, we're once again offering the convenience of flu shots in their local store's pharmacy department," said Bill Okuno, director of pharmacy administration for Raley's. "Our customers appreciate the convenience of being able to get their flu vaccination in their neighborhood without an appointment."
Flu vaccinations cost $25 in California for the general public. Patients who have Part B Medicare but no HMO insurance are eligible for free flu shots. For customers who meet the requirements, Flu Mist will be available for $38 as an alternative to the shot at select pharmacies. Pneumonia shots are also available for $45.
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