A Rainbow of Carrot Colors Coming

LONDON - The Trix Rabbit has a rainbow of fruit flavors to choose from; why should people have a rainbow of carrot colors to select from?

CNN reports that carrot growers in England have grown purple carrots, which are said to be their true color, and will be selling those in Europe for the first time in five centuries. Also on the horizon are black carrots, white carrots and a whole array of colors, which should be available by next year.

Purple carrots, which will retain their orange-colored center, will appear on the shelves of Sainsbury's supermarkets in England at a slightly higher price than the more familiar version.

A bag of purple carrots will cost $1.73 compared to $1.59 for orange ones.

Purple-colored carrots, which contain purple-red pigments called anthocyanins, were first grown in the Middle and Far East, along with white, red, yellow, green and black versions, according to the grocer.
The Dutch then introduced the orange pigment in honor of its national color in the 16th century.
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