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Quik-E Foods Cuts Losses With Video Surveillance Solution

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- Quik-E Foods recently upgraded the security of its stores by installing a March Networks solution that integrates high-quality video, audio and transaction data in an effort to combat point-of-sale (POS) fraud and other threats.

"We caught a cashier who was pausing transactions and then pocketing the money once customers left the store. The scam was adding up to more than $6,000 in losses," said Quik-E Foods Vice President Todd Burgess. "With the deep POS integration and search tools in our March Networks solution, those transactions showed up as voids, and we also had the video evidence to verify what was happening. There wasn't a need to search for hours and hours. It was instant."

Quik-E Foods recently worked with March Networks' certified provider, Integrated Technology Group, to upgrade its existing network video recorders (NVRs) to high-performance 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs. The convenience store chain, which operates 13 stores in the Lynchburg area, will also upgrade to March Networks Searchlight for Retail software.

Retailers can use Searchlight to investigate suspicious transactions, along with associated video, and use the software's automated reports to monitor operations, such as whether stores opened on time, shelves were stocked properly and employees were dressed as required. The daily reports will also help the retailer maintain compliance and operational standards, according to the technology provider.

Additionally, the Quik-E Foods team can use the March Networks Cloud to access live and recorded surveillance video on their smartphones and tablets. The mobile solution boasts full backward compatibility, which allows the information technology team to review video for all of its convenience store and car wash locations.  

“Quik-E Foods is a long-time customer who proves how a growing business can rely on our complete retail solutions to provide a real competitive advantage,” said Net Payne, chief marketing officer, March Networks. “They have used the technology to improve their operational efficiency, ensure security for their customers and staff, and protect their profitability. In addition, they have continued to add new, advanced capabilities without ever having to abandon existing recorder and camera investments.”

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