ProLogic Clears Millionth Digital Coupon

ProLogic Redemption Solutions, a provider of coupon clearing and reimbursement services to grocery retailers, recently reached a milestone of clearing one million digital paperless coupons.

This milestone supports the coupon industry trend of consumers rapidly adopting digital coupons -- a new report by Marx, a Kantar Media solution, revealed that digital coupon use increased by 59.9 percent in over last.

“The milestone of clearing one million digital paperless coupons is very significant for ProLogic and the industry,” said Paul Cooley, president of ProLogic. “It clearly shows the progress of consumer adoption of digital paperless coupons along with the industry’s advancing maturity in clearing them with the same controlled processes that exist for paper coupons.”

Digital coupons are distributed, selected, redeemed, processed, and cleared without ever existing in paper form. They are designed provide consumers with a more convenient means of viewing, selecting, and redeeming coupons compared to the traditional paper-clipping method.

ProLogic has developed a clearing and settlement process specifically for digital paperless coupons. Retailers can now take advantage of the same independent clearinghouse functions for digital paperless coupons that are well-established for paper coupons. Furthermore, ProLogic can provide retailers with reporting for their digital coupons in the same format as for their paper coupons.

ProLogic has partnered with many of the digital coupon providers in the industry, including YOU Technology, which provides a digital marketing platform for brands and retailers to manage digital paperless coupons from a variety of publishers.

“A key driver of continued growth in the use of digital couponing is a reliable and effective model for clearing and settlement.” said Ken Fenyo, president and CEO of YOU Technology. “ProLogic’s announcement demonstrates the industry’s progress in this area and should instill confidence in retailers and brands that they can offer digital paperless coupons to their consumers by having a proven clearing infrastructure in place.”

Shop ‘n Save Supermarkets, a chain of over 70 independently-owned stores in western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, is one of the retailers offering digital coupons in partnership with YOU Technology and ProLogic. Shop ‘n Save consumers can choose digital coupons from Shop ‘n Save’s Web site and load them onto their Perks loyalty card. At checkout, the coupons are automatically applied to items in the consumer’s basket, with the discounts listed on the consumer’s receipt.

On a weekly basis, Shop ‘n Save sends the redemption information to ProLogic, which validates the redeemed offers to the master offer file, processes the files and sends electronic invoices to the manufacturers. ProLogic provides complete reporting to Shop ‘n Save about the digital coupons received and processed along with the invoices sent to and payment received from the manufacturers.

“Shop ‘n Save is enthusiastic about our digital coupon program,” said Ray Charley, president of his family’s Shop ‘n Save stores. “We anticipate growing consumer interest in this area, and have been pleased with ProLogic’s clearing and settlement model for reimbursement of digital manufacturer’s coupons. As consumers’ acceptance of this value proposition grows, we will be poised to be their store of choice.”



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