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Progressive Grocer Releases 82nd Annual Report of the Grocery Industry

The following is part of a series of key highlights from the 82nd Annual Report of the Grocery Industry, which appears in PG’s April 2015 issue. The full report can be found here.

Grocery retailers tell Progressive Grocer they’re upbeat about their prospects for a successful 2015, according to their responses to an exclusive survey that’s the underpinning of PG’s 82nd Annual Report of the Grocery Industry.

“Grocers are clearly bullish on the year ahead,” says Jim Dudlicek, PG’s editor-in-chief. “Despite fierce competition, grocers aim to exert their strength as an important and relevant part of the ever-evolving retail scene. And it’s clear they grasp what they have to do to stay at the top of their game.”

On a 100-point scale, retailers scored their confidence in 2015 at just above 72, six points higher than their 20/20 hindsight rating for 2014, which a year ago they gave a 71.8. Nearly half of responding retailers expressed significantly more optimism for 2015, up from the 39 percent who said they felt that way last year about 2014.

Among “issues keeping you up at night,” grocers put data security in first place, up from fifth after a year of widely publicized breaches hitting several prominent retailers.

Meanwhile, a perpetually competitive retail climate, continued channel-blurring and the advancement of e-commerce have made grocers more mindful of exclusive products, customization and in-store services geared toward a rewarding shopper experience that can’t be had merely by clicking and dragging.

PG’s annual report features exclusive, comprehensive research covering industry information, insights from retailers and industry experts, and strategies for competing in an evolving and often challenging grocery industry.

Addressing key issues facing retailers, the report includes an in-depth look at the current retail climate, ideas to support revenue growth, the most effective departments and strategies for enhancing the shopper experience, and a summary of 2014 supermarket sales and store count benchmarks.


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