Progressive Grocer Presents the 2018 Top Women in Grocery


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Events over the past couple of years have demonstrated the rising power of women, and the grocery industry is no exception.

Regardless of whether you agree with the various ways that they’ve exercised that power, through such vehicles as widespread protest marches and movements against sexual misconduct in the workplace and beyond — not to mention running for public office in unprecedented numbers — what’s undeniable is that women have emerged as a force to be reckoned with, politically, socially and economically.

To mark women’s increasing prominence, both in the business that PG has proudly covered for nearly a century and further afield, we felt it was time for a change in our logo, in which the silhouette of a woman now appears for the first time. Since the Top Women in Grocery program is all about recognizing those who excel in every area of their lives, the new design, which features such a striking symbol to pay tribute to all of them, made perfect sense.

This year’s Top Women in Grocery also reflect this evolution, with many occupying influential and highly visible positions, ranging from managers of grocery stores that also serve as community centers and even refuges in times of disaster, to midlevel executives responsible for every facet of the business — including such previously majority-male preserves as warehouses — all the way up to founders and CEOs of their own successful companies. Our 362 honorees, painstakingly chosen from more than 650 nominees, represent the best of the industry, encompassing both supermarkets and suppliers across the country.

Looking at this year’s stunning array of talent and dedication on display, it’s easy to see where current and future recruits of any gender to the grocery arena will take their inspiration.

For 2018, we present to you the honorees across three categories:

Congratulations to all of our 2018 honorees!

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