Produce For Kids Targets Busy Parents

Produce for Kids (PFK) has tapped into the minds of today’s parents with the launch of two new tools to make healthy eating easier for families. Parents on Produce, a committee of real parents offering real healthy eating advice, and new PFK website capabilities are positioned to be the “go to” healthy eating resource for busy parents.

As key influences, “real parents” will be provided with a handy outlet that offers “real life” advice and tips. Paying close attention to this trend, PFK has created Parents on Produce, a group of parents made up of influencers in the professional and parenting arena. A handful of these influencers are extremely active in the world of social media as parents, while others are tapped into their communities and area of expertise.

The new board of parent professionals, already national advocates for healthy lifestyles and balanced eating habits, will further support the importance of a healthy diet in direct association with the PFK message.

“Parents on Produce further supports the Produce for Kids mission to connect with and support those parents who fight a daily battle to balance busy schedules and make healthy meal choices for their families,” said Heidi McIntyre, Produce for Kids executive director. “PFK’s latest efforts focus on messaging and tools that encourage families to cook together, eat healthier and make mealtime family time.”

The group is set to provide PFK with a better understanding of what types of healthy eating resources parents are looking for and will also be able to provide expert advice to other parents through multiple PFK communication vehicles. Vehicles include informational articles located in the Nutrition for You section of the website, event handouts and appearances, social media, media interviews as well as a Parents on Produce section on

In addition to Parents on Produce, PFK has refreshed with new interactive capabilities sure to assist parents in healthy meal planning. A redesign of the Nutrition for You section makes it easy for parents to identify articles and information that pertain to their area of interest.

The Ideal Meals section now features options for parents to have a conversation, be social and offer guidance to other parents. Visitors to the page can leave comments on each meal, sharing ideas such as creative ways to modify a meal to comply with a food allergy, general tips from a cooking experience or simply which meals are fan favorites. The Ideal Meals page has transformed into a platform for conversation and not simply a list of recipes.

Parents are speaking and Produce for Kids is listening, continuing to create innovative new ways to deliver healthy eating tips and advice to busy parents.

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