Pork Board Hispanic Campaign Targets Latina Moms

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Pork Board Hispanic Campaign Targets Latina Moms

DES MOINES, Iowa -- With estimates that Hispanics will account for one in four individuals by 2050, the National Pork Board (NPB) here is targeting Latina moms in Los Angeles and Dallas with promotional materials. The key message: Pork is the most flavorful part of the meal that fulfills everyone.

A recent study by NPD Group shows that Hispanics consume fresh pork 23 percent above the average rate. In addition, fresh pork is eaten 70 percent of the time as the main meal item, and used 30 percent of the time as an ingredient in the main dish.

The same study reports there are real opportunities for promoting pork on the grill to the Hispanic populations. In general, pork is a part of one in four meals prepared on the grill. Add that statistic to facts like Hispanics grill up to three times per week; that most Hispanic women are the 'grill masters' of the household; and that the grilling season in Texas and California are longer; and it calculates to potential opportunities to promote pork to this growing population.

Accordingly, NPB said it will conduct a TV advertising and public relations campaign to reach the Hispanic populations in L.A. and Dallas. The campaign, which uses the established slogan El Cerdo Es Bueno and emphasizes the emotional ties to pork as well as the functionality of the product, launched in mid August in time for the Labor Day holiday. The advertising efforts will mirror those peak seasons when family gatherings are highest.

Ceci Snyder, the Pork Board's assistant v.p./ consumer marketing said: "Our public relations efforts include media tours in both cities utilizing Chef Gustavo as spokesman to educate on the taste, nutritional appeal and safety of pork. In addition, we are sponsoring a 10-week culinary arts exhibit on the history of the mole for the Plaza de la Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles," a non-profit foundation focused on celebrating Mexican-American contributions to Los Angeles history, art, culture and food.