Pirate Seeks Mermaid’s ‘Booty’

Chicken of the Sea aims to win over audiences through a humorous new digital commercial in which a pirate seeks treasure and “booty” from the shelf-stable seafood brand’s iconic Mermaid mascot.

The new video clip, titled "Pirate,"  is the latest installment of an integrated campaign San Diego-based Chicken of the Sea rolled out in March, with the goal of bringing its famous siren to life as an animated talking character. As well as a series of online videos, the campaign encompasses radio commercials, such social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter, online gaming platforms, and a contest with a grand prize of a family trip to a Disney park. These efforts are backed by public relations, media relations and outreach to the Mermaid Club, the brand’s online affinity group of more than 160,000 members.

In the new video, Mermaid’s fun personality further comes across in her interactions with the pirate from her perch on a rock in the sea. While searching for treasure, the buccaneer discovers the many nutritional advantages of tuna. The brand’s familiar jingle also figures largely in the proceedings.

“Two months ago, we kicked off our campaign to reintroduce the Mermaid and give her a personality that further personifies the Chicken of the Sea brand,” noted Chicken of the sea SVP of sales and marketing John Sawyer. “While our brand hallmarks have always been to provide consumers with healthy, nutritious and convenient seafood options, this new campaign and direction for the Mermaid allows us to have fun with our consumers while reminding them of the many benefits of adding seafood as a regular part of their diets.”

The new video commercial will air on CBS Interactive, DBGroup and ABC Digital’s family of websites, as well as on Hulu and VideoEgg. Detroit-based CampbellEwald developed the creative approach for the Mermaid, and Jeremy Konner with global production company Partizan directed the new commercial.

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