Pink Lady America Offers V-Day Challenge

Realizing the risk in looking like a spoilsport, the folks at Pink Lady America (PLA) are defying tradition by asking those giving not-so-healthy Valentine’s Day gifts to instead consider more nutritious alternatives.

“Nobody is happier than we are about the start of a consumer turn toward healthier choices in the supermarket, especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables,” says Dr. John Reeves, GM of Yakima, Wash.-based PLA. “At the same time we aren’t suggesting there not be a continued giving of Valentine’s Day presents which are sweet and tasty. All we’re saying is there’s an easy way to give a loved one a very tasty treat and have it be healthy, too.”

Of course, Dr. Reeves is recommending apples for Valentine’s Day, or more specifically the Pink Lady brand, which is ideally suited to the upcoming romantic holiday.

“Yes, you could say I’m a tad bit partial when it comes to Pink Lady apples,” says Dr. Reeves. “But it is the only truly pink apple in the supermarket and it really delivers when it comes to flavor. One doesn’t need candy to have sweetness and with this apple there’s a bonus as it’s not just sweet, it’s sweet-tart.”

Dr. Reeves’ suggestion for Valentine’s Day doesn’t stop on Feb. 14 -- not even close -- as Pink Lady America is pushing healthy eating in a very big way all season long. In fact, it has developed a program with something for everyone.

Its first move is an educational program which takes a straight-forward approach in comparing the specific nutritional aspects of apples to what are often called "junk foods." Its initial example uses calories and sodium with respective totals for junk foods to tell the "health story" for apples.

An additional program, “Take A Pink Lady For A Walk,” uses a study touting the benefits of a daily 20-minute walk for improved heart health. In this program, walkers are encouraged to add the benefit of a convenient Pink Lady snack; kids are invited to go along as well.

Speaking of children, the third part of the Pink Lady brand promotion will call on the results of a well-known study from Cornell University that shows when products such as apples are branded with cartoon stickers, they are more likely to be selected by kids.

For more information on Pink Lady America, contact Alan Taylor or 509-961-9186.

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