PG WEB EXTRA: Inside the Minds of Millennials

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PG WEB EXTRA: Inside the Minds of Millennials

By Jennifer Strailey - 02/14/2014

To help retailers sell more potatoes, the United States Potato Board (USPB) is conducting consumer research on the next generation of potato consumers. As the millennial generation of 18- to 30-year-olds is approximately 80 million people strong, there’s a ton of spuds at stake.

The board’s initial findings suggest that while millennials are highly food-involved folks who crave culinary experiences, they’re also highly budget-minded. “Good value for the money is the most important attribute when choosing food for a meal at home or in a restaurant,” notes the Denver-based USPB.

As to this generation’s potato consumption, the USPB found that millennials eat much like the rest of the population, with mashed, baked and French fries as their top three go-to potato preparations.

The good news is that millennials think favorably of potatoes. The USPB found that 89 percent rate potatoes “excellent” or “good” as being a good value, and 88 percent rate potatoes “excellent” or “good” as being something everyone would enjoy.