PepsiCo Targets Shelf Analytics With New Tech Deal

PepsiCo Targets Shelf Analytics with New Tech Deal
The strategic partnership is designed to support PepsiCo with critical digital shelf performance analytics technology.

PepsiCo Inc. is showing the way forward in digital shelf analytics via a new partnership with e.fundamentals, a digital shelf analytics provider for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize e-commerce performance.

The strategic partnership is designed to support PepsiCo with critical digital shelf performance analytics technology and best-in-class e-commerce expertise to deliver powerful intelligence for PepsiCo's brands in 10 different countries from across European and U.K. e-retail partners including France, Germany and Spain. The partnership empowers PepsiCo to use retailer category e-commerce analytics data to optimize their search positioning and product visibility on retailers like Amazon, Tesco and Carrefour.

"Online shopping experienced a watershed moment during the pandemic turning shopper habits upside down. As panic buying receded, an always-on demand mentality evolved among consumers making findability of our products our key focus," said Pierre Jackson, head of European e-commerce shopper strategy and insights. “Partnering with e.fundamentals will help us protect and grow our online market share across Europe and the U.K. going forward. We're thrilled to have found a solutions provider that will deliver the strategic insights required to power our category growth and compliments our operational approach."

Join e.fundamentals CEO John Maltman and The Emerson Group on Feb. 22 during a webinar for new insight on the world of digital grocery and how CPGs are playing to win in e-commerce.

"We are excited to be working with PepsiCo supporting their long-term eCommerce success in Europe and the UK," commented Maltman. "Our winning formula is simple: our proprietary technology is designed to monitor and extract value from key information areas such as ratings and reviews, price and promotion, product information and sales and search data while our team of seasoned customer success managers will support PepsiCo's local frontline sales and marketing managers in taking the most profitable actions in their individual marketplaces and continuously unearth growth opportunities to strengthen their category championship online."

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