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Pennsylvania Couple Charged in Internet Coupon Scam

SCOTTDALE, Pa. - A Scottdale, Pennsylvania couple has been arrested for selling tens of thousands of dollars' worth of counterfeit grocery coupons over the Internet, The Associated Press reports.

Joanna Schwartz, 37, acknowledged selling the coupons, but stopped once she learned it was illegal, state police said.

Her husband, Glenn Schwartz, 41, is also charged with forgery, fraud, theft and other crimes.

Authorities have yet to determine exactly how much money people lost when they bought the coupons.

"You're looking at a very substantial amount -- tens of thousands of dollars -- because records indicate there were so many transactions," said Trooper Jeanne Martin.

"The problem with this fraud is it has to be tracked over the Internet and once one person buys an electronic file of coupons or a disc, that buyer could start selling it. And before you know it, that person probably sold it to several hundred more people," said Bud Miller, executive director of the consumer watchdog Coupon Information Corp.
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