Penn Traffic Partners with NeXpansion

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Penn Traffic is bringing thousands of hard-to-find foods, personal care products and baby supplies to customers of its 212 supermarkets, thanks to a new partnership with neXpansion.

The Penn Traffic Company's new Specialty Shop Online, which launches next month, is a Web-based store available at the Web sites of any of its four trade names -- P&C Foods, Quality Markets, BiLo/Riverside and Big Bear. The Specialty Shop Online uses technology from neXpansion to create a virtual supermarket filled with hard-to-find foods, baby care and beauty products, many of which are not available in supermarkets.

"With our new Specialty Shop Online, we are implementing the model of Internet-based supermarket sales that we believe works," said Joseph V. Fisher, president and CEO of Syracuse, N.Y.-based Penn Traffic, whose service areas include Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. "Shoppers don't want the Web to replace their local supermarket, but they do want the supermarket to help them use new technologies as a tool to improve the shopping experience. The Specialty Shop Online is an extension of our supermarkets that offers our customers almost anything they can imagine."

Penn Traffic began its collaboration with neXpansion as a pilot program in six P&C supermarkets in 2002. The pilot program enabled Penn Traffic to test product mixes that consumers will see, customer usage patterns and ordering systems before developing the final version of the Specialty Shop Online.

Founded in 1996 as, neXpansion provides customized e-commerce, fulfillment and "hard-to-find" merchandising expertise for manufacturers and retailers. neXpansion offers consumers non-perishable grocery, health and beauty, and general merchandise products nationwide.
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