Peapod Launches Direct Marketing Campaign

SKOKIE -- Internet grocer Peapod based here has launched its largest direct mail effort to date, sending pieces to more than one million households in its Chicago, Milwaukee, and New England markets.

"This is one of our biggest marketing wins to date," said Andrew Parkinson, founder and president of Peapod. The direct mail campaign offers discounts on services to customers through the use of promotional codes, which customers could redeem online.

Peapod created the program with InnerWorkings, Inc., a provider of print procurement solutions. In addition to direct mail, InnerWorkings also handles the management and procurement of brochures, promotional products and gift certificates for Peapod.

"By working with InnerWorkings, we have been able to mail as many as four million direct mail pieces each year, reaching more consumers for as much as 30 percent less in print and mail expenses, and as a result we have been able to dramatically extend our marketing budget," said Parkinson.

Peapod, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold, is the leading Internet grocer in the country. Currently, Peapod serves 18 U.S. markets including the metro areas of Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston and Washington, D.C. and suburban New York, and communities in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Rhode Island and New Jersey.
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