PBH Urging Grocers to Push National Fruits & Veggies/More Matters Month

September is National Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month, and the Produce for Better Health Foundation is offering new promotional materials free online to licensed retailers, including a "Take Your Child to the Supermarket" event guide and a "Supermarket School Tour Kit."

For the "Take Your Child to the Supermarket" program, PBH has designed a series of educational games and activities that encourage parents to get involved in teaching their children about the variety of fruits and vegetables, and that ties into local grocers. The kits contain instructions for retailers, activity pages, and promotional suggestions.

Grocers can select one or more activities from the kit, then customize those materials with a store logo and location information. PBH is also encouraging retailers to create special dates for in-store events and award prizes to participating children and parents. Some events can be ongoing throughout the year, the foundation said.

The event guide also features POS sign templates, advertising slicks, and a consumer press release that retailers can customize.
These new promotional tools are available to Fruits & Veggies-More Matters licensed retailers at the foundation's Web site, www.pbhfoundation.org.
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