Partnership Opens Doors to New Fulfillment Possibilities for Grocers

Dematic, Upshop join forces so retailers can own data and manage store fulfillment at scale
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Dematic Upshop Partnership
Dematic and Upshop partner to provide grocers with dynamic fulfillment options for greater independence and profitability.

A new tech partnership is providing dynamic options for grocers wanting to make their fulfillment operations more efficient. Dematican intelligent automation provider, has partnered with Upshop to supply integrated fulfillment solutions that scale with grocery business. The partnership’s aim is to empower grocers looking to grow their fulfillment operations with solutions that allow them to retain and manage their own customer data. 

This partnership builds on Upshop’s total store operations platform launch in August 2022, which includes a state-of-the-art fulfillment orchestration solution (formerly known as ShopperKit). With Dematic, Upshop e-commerce fulfillment users can quickly and efficiently implement automation capabilities while keeping their own software foundation.  

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“This partnership opens new doors for grocers who previously had limited choices in expanding their fulfillment operations,” said Steve Paro, Upshop chief product officer. “Now smaller grocers and large, multi-store brands will have pre-engineered access to automation options, creating a clear path to scale owned e-commerce fulfillment for food retail.” 

Dematic will be providing its automation expertise along with software that integrates with existing Upshop operations. Upshop e-commerce allows grocers to fulfill online orders from a physical store, and now, with the combined strength of Dematic, grocers will be able to automate fulfillment in stores or through a larger network of dark stores, warehouses and micro-fulfillment centers. 

Grocers in need of software-based solutions can start with Upshop e-commerce fulfillment knowing that in the future, if they require automation or integrating operations across multiple stores, Dematic can provide pre-engineered automation options. According to the companies, this will allow grocers to continue building their brand via online shopping by owning all in-store activities related to fulfillment, customer communication and execution of online orders. 

“Our partnership with Upshop is part of a very deliberate plan for Dematic to meet grocers where their needs are,” said Dematic Senior Director, Microenterprise, Matt Inbody. “As we continue to develop and refine software-driven automation solutions for the grocery industry, Dematic is laser-focused on ensuring they are accessible and fit hand-in-glove with the growth plans of our customers.” 

Dematic designs, builds and supports intelligent automated solutions sustaining the future of commerce for its customers in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Headquartered in Atlanta, Dematic is a member of Kion Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial trucks and supply chain solutions. 

Meanwhile, Florida-based Upshop has been building store operations technology for 30-plus years to provide simplified, smarter, more connected SaaS-based solutions for retailers. The technology of its FreshIQ, ShopperKit, Date Check Pro and Itasca Retail products have been synchronized to form a singular platform that delivers end-to-end visibility, increased sales, major waste reduction and streamlined labor efficiencies. Upshop software has 150-plus retail chain accounts in over 30,000 stores, nine countries and three continents.

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