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Partnership with Major Insurer Lowers Insurance Rates for ReposiTrak Users

Users of ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System can obtain lower insurance rates via a strategic partnership with the Leavitt Group, the seventh largest independently held insurance brokerage in the U.S.  Park City Group’s ReposiTrak is a leading provider of Compliance Management and Track & Trace solutions for food, pharma and dietary supplement safety.

The Leavitt Group expects that the use of the compliance management system could effectively lower a user’s risk profile to qualify for lower insurance rates because it brings transparency to food safety practices.  

Park City Group said it values Leavitt’s food supply chain expertise, nationwide footprint, and ability to work with and influence any underwriter as one of the country’s largest independent insurance advisory firms. 

Randall K. Fields, chairman and CEO, Park City Group, said, “We firmly believe that better compliance and visibility means lower risk; lower risk means lower premiums.”

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