Over Three Quarters of U.S. Population Use Coupons: Research

NEW YORK -- As we enter National Coupon Month, data from the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) Coupon Council, a coupon advocacy group, shows that 76 percent of the general population uses coupons, citing the deal-enjoyment factor as a primary reason.

"It was really interesting to note that for coupon users, saving money on purchases pales in comparison to the rush they get from hunting out a coupon and feeling smarter for using it," said PMA Coupon Council co-chair Lorraine Gallaher. "In fact, it is those with the highest level of education -- post-graduates -- who use coupons the most, showing that shopping with coupons is truly shopping smart."

Added co-chair Charles Brown, "Sixty-three percent of coupon shoppers say that they are often able to combine coupons with other in-store specials, sales, or frequent shopper card discounts to increase their savings even more."

In 2004, 84 percent of women and 68 percent of men used coupons that they received from Sunday newspaper inserts and retailers' fliers, in addition as those found in magazines, in and on packages, and online. Manufacturer offers are just one aspect of the overall coupon picture, as more retailers are running coupon promotions to help attract, keep, and reward their loyal customers, the PMA Coupon Council said.

According to the group, consumers can save $3 billion saved yearly through the use of coupons.

The PMA is a not-for-profit organization and resource for research, education, and collaboration for marketing professionals, consisting of a majority of Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, law firms, retailers, service suppliers, and academia.
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