The Organic Center Moves to D.C., Combines Efforts With OTA

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The Organic Center Moves to D.C., Combines Efforts With OTA


The Organic Center has joined its efforts with those the Organic Trade Association (OTA), relocating its headquarters from Boulder, Colo., to Washington, D.C. While remaining an independent nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, the center now will be administered by OTA.

“The center will continue to conduct credible, evidence-based science on the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming, and communicate those benefits to the public,” explained Mark Retzloff, board chair for The Organic Center. “By combining efforts under one administrative umbrella, we will gain overhead efficiencies and improve access to government and foundation grants. Our enhanced collaboration with allied groups in D.C. will stimulate greater research and increased information to the public to convince them of the benefits of organic.”

“OTA and The Organic Center have worked separately but cooperatively over the years to fulfill their respective yet related missions,” noted Matt McLean, president of OTA’s board of directors. “By moving The Organic Center to D.C., it gains the same access to OTA’s established resources. This endeavor will directly benefit the organic industry.”

During the transition, The Organic Center will be governed by an interim board of five OTA board members and four board members from The Organic Center. The combined board will appoint an independent board of trustees to run the center going forward, and re-establish its cross-disciplinary scientific advisory board.

Further, together with the board of trustees OTA Executive Director Christine Bushway will take the helm of The Organic Center. A search has been launched for a new director of science programs to coordinate continuing research initiatives with scientists and research organizations, as well as the center’s education and communication endeavors.

The Organic Center has a number of studies and reports that are on track to meet its 2012 project goals.